Writing Prompt #7: What People Define Your Family?

This writing prompt is a mixture of two different prompts that I thought could be combined into one. The first prompt simply asked who was in your family, and the second prompt asked what defines your family?

Well, I think with our current age, family is the broadest it has ever been, as a definition. By default, family was a term used for people that are blood-related. Your father, mother, sister, brother, cousins, and etc would fall into this category. I have learned from many people over the years, that many people do not get along with their blood related family members. Sometimes you have differences in ideology, personality, lifestyle, status, and many other factors attribute. Other times, you have people that were once strongly bonded, that had their bond deteriorate over time due to events in the family. I’ve been a witness to many of these events in my family. Usually, I was just the kid in the middle that could generally get along with most people.

Historically, I would tend to stay silent and not take one side over the other publicly. Privately, it was known where I stood because I would make my decision based on who was hurt more. Also, you have to factor in my odd desire for justice and balance. I guess that’s a Libra thing.

I define my family into different subgroups. First, we have my blood-related family. Second, we have my family that was married in, via my wife. Third, I’ve got my brothers at the Lodge. Fourth goes to the people that I consider friends that I would give the shirt off of my back for, as well as other people that have entered my life via the first group of blood related family.

These days, I consider all of these people my family and I am quite proud of the fact that we can stay connected and take care of each other no matter the distance or time apart. If it was just my immediate family, things would be quite less entertaining than it is with my motley crew of family out there.


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