I can’t really think of another title for this quick update but BRRRRRRR!

Here in Arkansas, we do not handle the cold very well. Now when summer time hits and it’s 110 outside, give me shout because I’ve got plenty of tips!

I just wanted to post a quick update for you all.

We were able to have a great ceremony for my wife’s grandmother that passed away two weeks ago. She lived 94 years, I think when you live that long, your funeral, graveside, and family fellowships deserve to be quite long.

Also, It’s safe to say that I’ve pretty much wrapped up my battle with Covid.

That main week was just awful. Then, this past week, I mostly just had some lingering fatigue from all of the events and a dry cough. Smell and taste are back, and I’m feeling quite well.

With the warming up that will happen this week, I probably need to get out in nature for a bit and work on getting my strength back up, getting back on my half-baked regiment of activity.

So, I’ve been mulling it over, and I have decided that I would love to, at the very least, provide the quotes of the day, for every day. Starting Monday.

People love the quotes and I love digging in this big quote book on my desk and picking some good ones out!

About once a week, I’d like to chip away at a bigger piece of writing and sprinkle it in as well. I’m mostly going to post about my lifestyle and spiritual side of things, as well as a good writing prompt when the creative juices aren’t churning.

Also, I’m going to write a gaming piece here and there. I’ve been writing about Halo for almost a year now and I have FINALLY completed the Halo Infinite campaign and I’ve spent a good while on the multiplayer side. I’ve got plenty of thoughts but for now, I’ll sum it up by saying It’s got good bones.

See you all this week!


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