Writing Prompt #1: Do You Ever Write About Challenges You Face in Life?

I’ve got a website that I’ve got marked in my favorites. It is a treasure trove of 1,500+ writing prompts for students.

When I was in high school, our English teacher would give us a writing prompt about once a week. The whole idea was to write a brief entry in our journal in which we answer the question. It’s not meant to be a long form essay, just a few paragraphs giving your answer and explaining the answer you’ve given.

Our teacher would collect old assignments, take attendance, check his emails, and take care of all of the small things that take about 5 minutes after the bell rings.

So, I’m digging into my past and using a similar concept in order to be more active on my site and just entertain my urge to write.

Some days you will receive larger articles that I’ve taken a few days to write, such as yesterday. I’m writing another one now but it will take a good week to chip away at. In the meantime, I hope these quick writing prompts will fill the gap.

The future writing prompts will not have such a long introduction, so let’s dig in. Do You Ever Write About Challenges You Face in Life?

I think if you do some reading on some of my past pieces of work on here, you will know my answer is a resounding yes!

I have wondered why I’ve taken such an enjoyment writing such personal articles as of lately. I think I have two main factors.

First, it compliments my writing style. I like to write as if I am telling a story. If I ever write a book one day, it will either be a non-fiction, couple hundred page read like I give you guys or it will be a third person omniscient piece. Also, I like to write as if I am talking to you, sitting beside me. When it comes to telling stories, the easiest ones to recall are personal stories. I used to be more private about my struggles, but they never got any better by putting them in a bottle and spinning the lid tightly.

Also my second factor is the fact that it keeps me engaged with writing. I remember when I write my gaming pieces, I spent about two weeks working into those. I would research the consoles, pull some pictures, craft everything neatly. It was very taxing and the engagement wasn’t exactly rewarding.

In contrast, I can take care of myself behind the scenes and then write up a simple article letting you guys know where I’m at, mentally and physically. My whole quest is getting healthier. At first, I thought that it would be to change my diet and then watch the pounds fall off. There are just so many other factors. I knew I had a problem with discipline, but once I got my attention turned toward my mental state, I determined there were many other aspects to address.

You see so many people struggling and they don’t even know it. I have read so many personal testimonials on here and Reddit. If it wasn’t for other people putting their experiences online, it wouldn’t have influenced me to make changes to myself.

I guess a bonus factor in writing about personal challenges is that you can look back after a few months and appreciate the progress you have made, especially if there’s been some stagnation or redundancy.

I think this sums up the question! See you all soon!


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